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What causes division among Muslims?

Ironically, every Muslim in the world would tell you that Islam means Peace. However, some Muslims contrary to what the religion stands for or means, rather engage in violence. This violent behavior among some Muslims is very worrying to say the list.

There are infighting among even Muslims them. This infighting has led to the division of the Muslim Ummah into various sects and doctrinal views worldwide. This has led to hate preaching and violence perpetrated against some sects in Islam.

What is most intriguing is the fact all Muslims in the world believe in the same Qur’an revealed by Allah (swt) to our Noble Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) without exception. They offer the same five daily prayers and face towards the same Qibla in prayers. But what will let fellow Muslim insult and curse another fellow? Some even go to the extend of killing other Muslims.

The question that we need to ask ourselves as Muslims is are we our own judges or there is a Supreme Judge whom we stand accountable to? If the later is the case, why all these hate preaching and killings in the name of defending Islam? Didn’t the Holy Qur’an say that if you kill an innocent being it is as if you’ve kill the whole of mankind?

If we truly believe in the tenets of Islam then we should bury our difference and unite under one umbrella.

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