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Muhammadan Light 1 e1491436147832 - THE MUHAMMADAN LIGHTAllah in His infinite and majestic oneness has the power to reward and to forgive. The Almighty created mankind and His dominion encompasses everything that every creature does without anyone helping Him to do so. Allah is indeed great, mighty, beneficent and merciful; and with all these, Allah does not need anything from anyone as ‘thank you’ gesture and, or show of gratitude for what He has done for everybody.

As part of His infinity, sleep does not overcome Him and Allah has also never been fatigued, yet everything depends on Him. The sun rises and sets every day and the moon appears at night to provide light and sustenance.

The rain comes down in torrents to fill the ocean, streams and dugouts and He allows a grain of seed planted to germinate thousands other seeds yet He does not need to eat. In all these, Allah has chosen something He desires to do at all times. It would be absurd that after all the enunciation above, we turn round and say that Allah has something He does that pleases Him. Indeed that is a truism.

For all that Allah has done for us, He is only pleased with doing one thing and that thing only pleases Him. Allah says in Qur’an 33:56 that He and his zillions of angels send their salutations to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWAS) at every split second, every second, every minute,every hour,every day,every week, every month and every year for generations beyond human calculations.

“Verily, Allah and his angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O you who believe, shower blessings on him and salute him with the worthy salutation.” Qur’an 33:56 

In conclusion, Allah does not perform salat, fasting, zakat, or hajj but surely He sends salawat (praises or salutations) to His Noble Prophet (SAWA) and the best of creation. Do you also send salawat (salutations) to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) as done by Allah and His angels? What kind of salutations do you send to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA)? Share your thoughts!!!

By: Sheihu Dr. Imam  Rashid H. Salwatia (Qutb Zamaan)

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