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With the inception of Islam about 1400 years ago saw a new development in the world’s governance system. The world’s economic, cultural, and socio-political system took a new dimension. It is often said that, Islam is a complete way of life. This new system of life after the demise of the Noble Prophet (pbuh) of Islam had spread and controlled most part of the world.

Islam within the reigns of the four caliphs (Abubakar, Umar, Osman, and Ali) had spread across most parts of the world. The Muslims were in charge of the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian territories, North Africa, and some parts of Europe. The spread of this new religion and its control of most parts of the world were not by accident. The strong bond and unity, love for Allah (swt) and their strict adherence to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was what kept them moving. There was the rise in knowledge during the Muslims’ civilization.

People from far and near travelled to Muslim lands to seek for knowledge in disciplines such as Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, Commerce and Law, Art, Craft, etc. The control of the world by early Muslims saw the Umayyad Dynasty which lasted for nearly one hundred years (661 – 750). Then came the Abbasid Caliphate which reigned from 750 – 1258 AD. During the tenth century, the caliphs lost their power and control. This gave birth to new empires: The Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire, and the Safavieh Empire. This split and division of the Islamic community was caused by different political and religious or sectarian differences.

Fragmented and disunity in the Muslim leadership front became evident when European colonization took center stage. They ruled most of the Muslim states with the exception of some few. Now, the question is what caused the disunity among Muslims and the split of Muslims into various sects? What is causing the bloodshed for Muslims to fight among themselves?

To get answers for these questions, one must have to listen to what Sheihu Dr. Imam Rashid Salawatia has to say regarding the cause of division and disunity among Muslim. This is recorded in his annual Ramadan tafsir series for 2016. He is regarded as one of the learned scholars of Islam of this generation. And he is revered for his in-depth research and inspired knowledge in various Islamic and global learning disciplines.

Some of the things that caused disunity among Muslims he said is the infiltration of some false traditions/narrations (Ahadith) attributed to the Prophet (pbuh) by some enemies of Islam. These enemies of Islam succeeded in sowing a seed of discord among Muslims leading to division of Islamic community into various sects. They have also in a way made Muslims to relegate the Holy Qur’an to the background and believing and giving more priority to Ahadith (Prophetic traditions). They have discouraged Muslims from learning the secrets of the Qur’an taught by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which were used as protection for the individual and the community at large.

Have you read the book “Confessions of a British spy”? It is very fascinating. It reveals how the enemies of Islam plotted against Islam and planted evil among Muslims. It is sad that, Muslims of this current generation still failed to learn some lessons from this evil plotted against them.

As the adage goes, “unity is strength” therefore as a matter of urgency, Muslims must act now and reunite. United and disciplined body of men cannot be conquered easily in the battle field. What unites us as Muslims is greater than our differences in thought and opinion. Reconnecting ourselves back to the Holy Qur’an, the Noble Prophet (pbuh), and Allah (swt) in unity is the way forward.

What do you think is the cause of division among Muslims today and what recommendations do you suggest when implemented will help unite the Muslims of this era?

Kindly leave your comments/recommendations in the comment box below.

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3 thoughts on “THE LOST GLORY OF ISLAM

  1. Islam today is suffering as a result of the following:
    1. Lack of one world supreme leader
    2. Lack of one central authority and chain of command from one world supreme leader.
    3. Misinterpretation of the Holy Quran, sunna and hadith
    4. Supremacy and division in Sectarianism in Islam
    5. Illiteracy and poverty
    6. Lack of tolerance and ill feelings
    7. Self acclaimed spiritual exaltation and self imposed leaders
    8. Lack of respect for authority
    And among other things.
    Now one may suggest that if we must unite and recover our lost glory. We will have curb the problems suggested above by implementing them. In my next contribution to this article I shall write in Detail the problems and solutions

    1. @ Bawa Issah Lukman, if you want, you can also present your detailed article(s) for publication on the site for you. You can contact me for more details.

  2. Great contribution! Listening to what Sheihu Salawatia said on the video is basically the same as what you have numerated. There is always rancor within the Muslim ummah. We do not longer trust ourselves to the extend that, some even trust the enemies of Islam than to trust their fellow Muslim.
    Some are seriously busy promoting the ill than what unites us. How do we move ahead with this kind of hatred feelings in our hearts? Let’s open up, reach out to every Muslim with an open heart, and live in peace with every being on earth. This way there will be peace and cohesion in society. Say ‘Salaam’ to every Muslim without hesitation. For Islam stands for Peace.

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