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Take Responsibility of Your Life

efesIn life, some people are engaged in blaming others for whatever happens to them. They blame everyone except themselves. Are you in the blame game or you have taken responsibility of everything that happens to you as a person? Responsibility means to respond with ability instead of react.

The only person you have absolute control over is yourself. Your actions and inaction are borne out of your own choices. The greatest deterrent to a life of success and significance is the victim mentality. So, if you allow others to alter your life’s choices for you, then you are to be blame. In life there are no victims but volunteers. In blaming others, you are presuming that there is such a thing as victims (victim consciousness).

“Nothing destroys people’s goals and aspirations but themselves” says Richard Carswell. This is to say that, all our choices and decisions we make in life will either lead us to success or otherwise. In other to have the right mindset and the power to put yourself at the right position, you must accept 100% responsibility of your current life situation. You must also have to give up the blame game.

Your life is your choice. It is the summation of your choices. No one can do anything to you unless you let them. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “In the long run we shape our lives, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” Do the wise thing by not letting others actions and choices or what they do to you affect you. In that, you take full responsibility of your life.

Always ask yourself these questions whenever you are tempted to blame others. It doesn’t matter what situation or circumstance you find yourself in. Ask yourself:

  • What am I going to do to correct matters?
  • What action am I going to take to manifest my goals?
  • Do I get the issue resolved by blaming others?

By sincerely finding answers to the above question does one takes absolute control of his or her life. Remember, no situation or goal has ever been achieved by blaming others for what they have done to you. Leave the Blame Heaven behind you and get into your world of reality.

Not taking absolute responsibility for your situation in life is an attitudinal problem. Your current circumstance or situation in life maybe as a result of what your attitude led you into undertaking certain life choices. If such is the case, then your attitude has been underserved and cheated. You are where and what you are because of your own attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors.

The father of American psychology, William James said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter their lives by altering their attitudes or mind.” Do you want to change your current situation or circumstance? It’s simple, change your attitude or mindset and take full responsibility of everything in your life. When things are not going according to plan, don’t blame or get angry. The best thing to do is to take responsibility of the situation and say to yourself, “I am responsible. I am responsible.”

What do you think we should do to change our current situation to a better stage?

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