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PicsArt 04 13 06.04.04 e1493072730617 - RISING TIDES - PoemRISING TIDES

The Rising tides took me high.
Rose my pen head whiles my ink drops
Dripping on my sheets of epics.
The salty foamy hearts float thereon.
The tides of love sails us with joy
The winds of love carries me,
It carries me alone the loving waves.
Surfing on the tides with my skaty heart.
My trust in tides of love brought me to His shores
Plashing me to the Morning moon, the glow.
May the coolest moon feel the tidy breezes.
The coasts brought forth the lovers pen.
That may you have the pen of Hearts.
My greatest Telegraph is the rising tides.
Whispering to the tidy tides!
May you send my heart to my Beloved Salawatiya (rta)?
The reciter of my medieval heart.
That whenever the rising tides will flow,
It will wash me to His feet.
The tides of my tears will speak for my heart.
Washing your blessed feet.
That’s all I have.
My tears of joy!



Flow Honestly and Loyally.
Flow the West to the East.
Flow Honey on the lips of Humanity.
Flow Mercy on Creation.
Flow for the darkest day be the brighter night.
Flow like Heaven is real!
Flow your golden blood for the rank and file.
Flow your sweet smiles on the frowned faces!
Flow rain on the barren vegetation of Life.
Flow nectar in the Thirsty beaks of the orphans.
Flow Peace for other religions.
You’re only lucky you aren’t among them.
Flow Sayyidinaa Muhammad (SAWA)
Let the Nearby Churches feel His Breezes.
Let the Synagogue feel His glow.
For once they also mention His Name therein.
Let not Black and White blood flow through your veins.
Let the Light of Love fill the Universe!
Flow your hearts and minds.
Flow Harmony, the Solution to mankind.
Flow Islam!

By: Ibn Shiraz Halik (#Misunderstood)

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3 thoughts on “RISING TIDES – Poem

  1. Woooow
    May you send my heart to my Beloved Salawatiya (rta)?The reciter of my medieval heart.
    Ma sha Allah. ..
    Ibn Shiraz Haliq u too much .
    May Allah reachly bless you my brother.

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