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ibn penheart e1492441316657 - LOVE SET ME FREE - (Poem)

Bruises and Blisters in my heart.
Love rescues me.

My soul is bleeding Profusely, Gushing out my Soul.
Love set me free.

I can’t spread my white and beautiful wings.
Love set me free.

Drowning in the deep Hatred Soup.
    Love set me free.

While the World is always fighting over the mythical Wealth.
Love set them free.

There is love in Every religion and yet love has No religion.
Love set us free.

Ilk’s let Pray for Love to set our hostiles free.
Love set them free.

Their Volcanic Hearts Erupting and protruding their bodies… See How vulnerable they’re.

Love please set them free.

See them with Kings Crowns, See How Weak they’re.
Love set them free.

Beautiful Roses they’re, Enclosed In thorns.
Love please set them free.

Canaries In cages, they have Never explored, They think the best option is to hate.
Love set them free.

They’re captives to the Hate of my Imam Rashid RTA.
Love set them free.

Holding on Anger towards someone is like holding onto Red Hot coal, intending to throw it at someone, it is You that Burns.
Love set them free.

They illusions in their mind that Love Don’t exist, I the Son of Shirazi will tell them that: the existence of cow dung means cow exist.
We are Lovers this means love exist.
Love set them free

If you have anything against the Mercury, Ibn Shirazi Then
Love set you free.

Their Chained hearts Needs Fresh breathe.
Love set them free.

The World is against Lovers.
Love Set Them Free.

By: Ibn Shiraz Halik (#Misunderstood)

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4 thoughts on “LOVE SET ME FREE – (Poem)

    1. May Allah SWT increase LOVE in our heart and protect us against hatred and violence. Let’s sow the seed of love in our hearts and we shall witness peace and stability all over the world.

      May Allah SWT bless Ibn Shiraz Haliz (#Misunderstood)

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