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Cherish your Lover Till they are Gone.
Bring out your love towards Him…
Don’t keep it inside and Only Serve it Tea and Coffee.
He is the chosen one for this generation.
He taught me The blessed one.
His Sayings is my command.
He doesn’t speak of his own wish.
He is on the Straight path.
The Annihilator of Apocrypha.
There are Many Jurisprudence.
My jury is The Qutubi Zaman.
Many are waiting for the Opinions of Other scholars.
I’m calm and Looking to hear What the Secured voice will say.
He always does it the Muhammadin way.
Everybody body has a Love one, Mine is Sheihu Salawatia.
Everyone has a friend, Mine is Sheihu Salawatia.
I don’t mind having unbearable sanctions from your enemies.
Sheihu Salawatia, I Never enjoyed and understood Islam until I found you.

You may have Other ways of learning.

I learn by Loving…


By: Ibn Shiraz Halik

Ibn Shuraz1

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One thought on “I’M SO SICK I NEED GRAYS ANATOMY (Poem)

  1. Salawatia Poet, more grease to your elbow. May Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom.

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