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Get to know Sheihu Salawatia (Qutb Zaman)

Sheihu SalawatiaSheihu Dr. Imam Rashid Salawatia (Qutb Zaman) is the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Muslims Mission in Ghana. He is a retired military officer and  the first commissioned Chief Imam of the Ghana Armed Forces. He hails from Tamale metropolis in the Northern Region of Ghana but currently resides in Accra – Ashongman Estates in the Greater Accra Region.

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Sheihu Salawatia is a man of many parts. He is a preacher, educationist, philosopher, sufi, psychologist, reformer, etc. Currently, he is a Doctor(PAM) and CEO of the Salwat Health Restoration Hospital in Accra, Ghana. All kind of ailments are treated at his hospital including Spiritual sicknesses.
His kindness knows no boundaries and he welcomes all manner of people to his outfit. He belongs to the Tijaniyyah Sufi Order and his spirituality and closeness to Allah is beyond measure.

His Mission

His teachings are to reform Muslims and the society from going astray. Also, to re-write history books of Islam giving it a much clearer picture and understanding from the misconception surrounding Islam.

In addition, he’s set to correct the wrong teachings peddled by Muslims themselves as the true teachings of Islam. Although, this task looks cumbersome but he is more determined in overcoming all obstacles.

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