What is Your Commitment in Life?

commitment1Commitment in people’s life is what directs them to achieve their set targets. Without a commitment to a chosen course, life becomes meaningless and people set to be content with whatever comes their way. When you discover your joy, which will be in living your mission, William James has some good counsel for you, “Start Immediately. Do it Flamboyantly! No Exceptions!” Continue reading “What is Your Commitment in Life?”

Your Belief Creates Your World

James Williams“Life is a series of collisions with the future. It is not the sum of what we have, but what we yearn to be” says Jose Ortega. What is your belief about yourself and the world? Is your belief positive or negative and what impact does it has on you? Richard Carswell states in his book ‘From Success To Significance’ that, “the Law of Belief states that whatever you believe with emotion and conviction becomes your reality.” Continue reading “Your Belief Creates Your World”