The Rising tides took me high.
Rose my pen head whiles my ink drops
Dripping on my sheets of epics.
The salty foamy hearts float thereon.
The tides of love sails us with joy
The winds of love carries me,
It carries me alone the loving waves.
Surfing on the tides with my skaty heart.
My trust in tides of love brought me to His shores
Plashing me to the Morning moon, the glow.
May the coolest moon feel the tidy breezes.
The coasts brought forth the lovers pen.
That may you have the pen of Hearts.
My greatest Telegraph is the rising tides.
Whispering to the tidy tides!
May you send my heart to my Beloved Salawatiya (rta)?
The reciter of my medieval heart.
That whenever the rising tides will flow,
It will wash me to His feet.
The tides of my tears will speak for my heart.
Washing your blessed feet.
That’s all I have.
My tears of joy!


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Bruises and Blisters in my heart.
Love rescues me.

My soul is bleeding Profusely, Gushing out my Soul.
Love set me free.

I can’t spread my white and beautiful wings.
Love set me free.

Drowning in the deep Hatred Soup.
    Love set me free.

While the World is always fighting over the mythical Wealth.
Love set them free. Continue reading “LOVE SET ME FREE – (Poem)”


“And put thy trust in God; and enough is God as a disposer of affairs”. (Qur’an 4 :81)

The word used in Qur’an is “Tawakkal”, which is derived from “Tawakkul”. This is not an excuse for idleness. “Tawakkul means that you should bind the camel with its rope, then say that you have trust in God that He will protect your camel. You should not have confidence in the rope only, because many a camel has been stolen together with its rope; and, likewise, you should not neglect the rope, because binding with the rope is a part of Tawakkul”.

So this is the spirit of Tawakkul. We are to try our best; and then we should have trust in the God that He will make our work succeed. Continue reading “TRUST IN GOD”


“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful”. 

This phrase occurs at the beginning of every Chapter of the Qur’an, except one. It is used by Muslims before starting every work – before reading, before eating, before starting their work, before sleeping. Islam teaches man to start every good effort with the Holy name of God Who is beneficent and merciful, invoking His mercy to bless his efforts with success.

The goal of Islam is to make a man “God -minded”; it wants him to realize that he, himself, is nothing, that all his efforts are fruitless unless rewarded by God with success. And that realization is combined with the satisfaction that God is beneficent and merciful, who will not disappoint him in his hope and belief. Continue reading “GOD – MINDEDNESS”


“Soon will We show them our signs in the (furthest) regions and in their own souls……..” (Qur’an 41:53).

There is one tested method of knowing Allah; and that is “through His creation” – the Worlds and the Man. Let us begin with our self. We do not know the nature of soul. Still we have to admit that there is something which is the source of “life” In the same way, though we cannot ‘know’ the Creator, we have to admit that there is a God who has created the universe.

We know that the soul is the ruler of our body. If any limb of ours refuses to obey the commands of the soul, it is not a reflection on the strength of the soul. It is considered the defect of the limb itself. Likewise, the God is the master and ruler of the universe; and if anybody refuses to obey the commandments of Allah, the authority of Allah can never be doubted. It will be a sign that the disobedient person is sick spiritually. Continue reading “KNOW THE SOUL”


Because Allah favors His servants, God the Blessed and Supreme gave them intellect, He gave them the power to refine and purify themselves, He sent the prophets and awliya (the friends of God, saints, holy men) to guide people and to help them to reform themselves so that they do not fall into the severe chastisement of hell. If these preventatives do not cause the awareness and refinement of man, God, the Merciful, will make him aware through other means: by various difficulties, afflictions, poverty, and illness.

Like an expert physician or a skilled and kind nurse, He tries to cure a sick man from dangerous spiritual illnesses. If a servant is blessed by God, he will be faced with afflictions until he turns his attention to God the Almighty, and is refined. This is the way, and other than this there is no way, but man must tread this path with his own feet until he reaches its conclusion. Continue reading “DIVINE BLESSINGS”


Cherish your Lover Till they are Gone.
Bring out your love towards Him…
Don’t keep it inside and Only Serve it Tea and Coffee.
He is the chosen one for this generation.
He taught me The blessed one.
His Sayings is my command.
He doesn’t speak of his own wish. Continue reading “I’M SO SICK I NEED GRAYS ANATOMY (Poem)”

I Will Persist Until I Succeed

If I persist, if I continue to try,

If I continue to change forward,

I will succeed. I will persist until I succeed.

I was not delivered into this world in defeat,

Nor does failure course in my veins.

I will persist until I succeed.

The prizes of life are at the end of each journey,

not near the beginning; and it is not given to me

to know how many steps are necessary in

order to reach my goal. Continue reading “I Will Persist Until I Succeed”