fadl1asSetting up a blog was an old time passion and being able to set-up one is a dream come true. I am an open-minded person, seeker of knowledge and lover of wisdom. It has always been in my interest to share what is of utmost importance and beneficial to those I come across and to also learn from them.

This blog is focused mainly on “Divine Inspiration.” This is to bring to bear, what men of inspiration have to share in the transformation of the society and reformation of our lives in particular. The blog is composed into four categories: Religion, Leadership, Health, and Inspirations. However, I will occasionally write on topical issues happening within society.

My aim is to create a very powerful and insightful content to inspire you take leadership roles and act justly into achieving the Ultimate Success in life. Success not only in your personal and professional life but it should be linked in giving you inner-peace and attaining the pleasure of your Creator. It doesn’t matter your position in life. If you desire to inspire, lead, and act justly, then you are at the right blog.

I dedicate this blog to Sheihu Dr. Imam Rashid Salawatia (R.T.A). He is the face of the blog and his messages will be featured permanently on this blog. He is one of such pious and anointed men of God of our time (Qutb Zaman) whose message stirs the heart of every discerning follower to guidance, righteousness, purity, and the attainment of Allah’s pleasure.

If you are fortunate enough to have drank from the fountain of wisdom and dares to have more of it, then watch out for the works and speeches of Sheihu Salawatia on this platform. However, other reputable scholars and professionals whose work fall within the niche of this blog will be brought to bear as and when I come across them.

I will post twice a week but moving into the future, I will increase it to three or four times a week. Just not to miss out with my newest post, you can kindly get connected or subscribe to my newsletters. Readers can also send their articles which are in line with the blog to be publish for them.