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The Right Path Towards Light

shomali - A JOURNEY FROM DARKNESS TOWARDS LIGHT (Part II)Unlike the right path, there are millions of paths towards the wrong direction. If one wants to go from city A to city B, there is only one direction (sirt), even though he can take different routes (sabil), one of which may be shorter than the others. But if he does not want to go to city B, there are millions of other places he can go. He can even go to the exact opposite direction of city B. Likewise, light is only one, but darkness can be as many as you can imagine.

In the following lines of Ayat al-Kursi (Surat al-Baqarah) we read,

As for the faithless, their patrons are the tyrants (Quran 2:257)

Elsewhere, the Quran interestingly says that the people who have adopted anyone other than God as their guardians will finally end up having no guardian:

That is because God is the master of the faithful, and because the faithless have no master. (Quran, 47: 11)

In this verse we read that God is the guardian of the believers and those who do not believe have no guardian. However, in the previous verse it was said that those who disbelieve have tyrants as their master. Considering these two verses, a delicate point can be understood. That point is that disbelievers try to adopt the aggressors (taghut) as their guardians. However these aggressor guardians are not to help or support them. This is due to the fact that these satanic people do not care about their followers.

A very painful reality that happens on the Day of Judgment is that those evil leaders, who have been followed by disbelievers, will disassociate themselves from them. Therefore, disbelievers are left on the Day of Judgment without any guardian to protect them.

After talking about disbelievers’ guardians, the Quran says:

God drives them out of light into darkness. They shall be the inmates of the Fire, and they shall remain in it [forever]. (Quran 2:257)

This is the summary of the whole history, life, and destiny of mankind; there are people who believe in God and He takes them towards the light, and there are people who do not believe in Him and are taken by their leaders and masters from light to darkness and will remain there forever. The issue of purification now is given a new interpretation, darkness and light.

The Relativeness of Departure Point of the Believers and the Disbelievers

One of the important points in Ayat al-Kursi is the fact that it describes the journey of the believers as being from darkness towards light and that of disbelievers as being from light towards darkness. Does this mean that the believers and the disbelievers start from different stations? Does it mean that the disbelievers start from a better position? The answer is that the concept of light and darkness is relative.

If we compare a bright place to a brighter one, we can say that the second place is brighter or say that the first one is darker. When we are in a room, enlightened by a lamp, which is bright enough for reading, we regard it as a bright place, but if we compare this room to the outside environment in the sunlight, we will find the room dark. Thus, if we move from that room to outside we have gone from darkness towards light. Sometimes, when we go to a place with less light, we find it so dark that we cannot see for a short period of time, but when our eyes get used to it, we start to see everywhere.

At birth, every human being is given some light. This is the initial light that God gives everyone, the light of the creation of God (fitrah). This light which is the light of reason and conscience is, and will remain, in all of us. Without this light, no one can ever take a step forward. The believers are those who strengthen this light and go to the brighter stations; they distance themselves from darkness and go towards the absolute light which is God.

However, those who do not believe take the opposite direction; they lose the initial light they were given and end up with absolute darkness.

How can we grow our spiritual life to gain the Light of God and stay away from darkness? Please, share your thoughts and opinions about this topic.

Authored By: Mohammad Ali Shomali

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